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Faithfulness is significant to the Christian life.

What makes people quit running the race for Christ?

As a teenager, I ran a cross camp race at summer camp. No one thought I could win because I was "bulky". I was determined so when the gun went off I took off like a rocket as fast as I could. To my amazement I left everyone else in the dust, "Until" I was about 300 yards from the finish. I was running but my legs wouldn't go any faster. Only a 100 yards from the finish, three passed me. I came in fourth, Then I threw up! Anyway. I started strong but it was hard to finish. Lots of people start strong in their race for Christ but like me in the race, get tired. Well Christ ran the race and left us an example of how we can finish. Tomorrow, I'll share some of those lessons. Run well.

Since we have all these trailblazers who paved the way for us, strip away all the heavy weights and sin that holds you back, and run patiently the course that has been laid out for us. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus who ran and finished the race we're in. Learn how he did it. He never lost sight of the finish line.

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Faithfulness can only be measured by its completion.

We can't say, "well I was sort of faithful." Its like saying " I was faithful to my wedding vows until I got divorced."

The only way to live a faithful life for God is by knowing God. I've been with my wife for 30 years. I know my wife. I've learned what pleases her, what makes her angry and what she expects from me. I trust her, I know she loves me.

I've been a follower of Christ for 37 years. We've been through some stuff, but He has been faithful. He knows me I trust Him. I've gotten to know Him through his Word, not a one paragraph story like this, but through sitting down and reading and studying his Word. I gotten to know him through prayer, talking AND listening to him.

Do you know Jesus? You can't be faithful in attitude to someone you don't know.

"You cant' please God if your faithless, because to get close to God you have to believe that He is real and that he rewards those who search for Him."

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Faithfulness is an attitude accompanied by actions.

You can appear faithful at your job because you have a good work ethic. People may assume you are loyal to your employer because you have worked there for several years.

But you may work hard because that's the way you were raised. You may stay at your job because you can't find anything better. That's not necessarily faithfulness.

A faithful employee would be one who believed that what they were doing, what the company was doing was more important than what the immediate circumstances might be. We all need to live for something greater than ourselves. People who do other wise tend to be self centered and discouraged easily. The ultimate faithfulness would be a faithfulness to obey and live for our Creator and Savior.

1 Peter 1:6-7 (Paraphrase)

Even though you are burdened at this time with many troubles, you have joy, because these challenges to your faith are more precious than gold that is purified in the fire. Your faith purified by troubles is proof of your faithfulness. When its all said and done Jesus will display your faithfulness to his glory rather than any gold you could have amassed.

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