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Faithfulness is significant to the Christian life.

What makes people quit running the race for Christ?

As a teenager, I ran a cross camp race at summer camp. No one thought I could win because I was "bulky". I was determined so when the gun went off I took off like a rocket as fast as I could. To my amazement I left everyone else in the dust, "Until" I was about 300 yards from the finish. I was running but my legs wouldn't go any faster. Only a 100 yards from the finish, three passed me. I came in fourth, Then I threw up! Anyway. I started strong but it was hard to finish. Lots of people start strong in their race for Christ but like me in the race, get tired. Well Christ ran the race and left us an example of how we can finish. Tomorrow, I'll share some of those lessons. Run well.

Since we have all these trailblazers who paved the way for us, strip away all the heavy weights and sin that holds you back, and run patiently the course that has been laid out for us. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus who ran and finished the race we're in. Learn how he did it. He never lost sight of the finish line.

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