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Faithfulness is an attitude accompanied by actions.

You can appear faithful at your job because you have a good work ethic. People may assume you are loyal to your employer because you have worked there for several years.

But you may work hard because that's the way you were raised. You may stay at your job because you can't find anything better. That's not necessarily faithfulness.

A faithful employee would be one who believed that what they were doing, what the company was doing was more important than what the immediate circumstances might be. We all need to live for something greater than ourselves. People who do other wise tend to be self centered and discouraged easily. The ultimate faithfulness would be a faithfulness to obey and live for our Creator and Savior.

1 Peter 1:6-7 (Paraphrase)

Even though you are burdened at this time with many troubles, you have joy, because these challenges to your faith are more precious than gold that is purified in the fire. Your faith purified by troubles is proof of your faithfulness. When its all said and done Jesus will display your faithfulness to his glory rather than any gold you could have amassed.

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