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The Church       About HCC

► Who are we?


Highlands Community Church is by design, an environment for both Christians and those who might not be sure. It is a safe place with no hassles and it is for people who are looking for answers to spiritual questions and who want to check out Christianity, but who don’t want anyone pressuring them. It is also a place where those who have decided to follow Jesus Christ can learn and be encouraged in their spiritual growth.

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► What makes this Church so different?

  • Anonymity – You can relax when you come, knowing that no one is going to single you out, put a visitor sticker on you, or otherwise embarrass you. It is truly a safe place to find answers at your own pace.
  • Casual atmosphere – You can come to Highlands dressed casually, grab a coffee, juice, donut or piece of fruit after the service. It is an environment where you can relax and enjoy the service.
  • Contemporary Music – No hymnals, no organs. Instead we have a band with upbeat contemporary music. You will probably hear some songs you know, and certainly songs you can relate to.
  • Practical Messages – Every message is designed to address real everyday issues we all face. Things like parenting, family issues, unrest around us or financial tensions. You’ll find that the use of multi-media help the experience come alive.
  • You Won’t Be Asked for Money – The financial support of our Church is the responsibility of our members and those who consider Highlands Community Church to be their church home. As our guest, we only ask that you turn in your Welcome Card. We’re more interested in helping you in your spiritual journey than in your money. We encourage guests to keep their wallets in their pockets.
  • A Safe Atmosphere for Children – Your kids will actually enjoy it.

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► Where are we located?


  • 787 Ray Taylor Rd, West Jefferson, NC 28694

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The Doctrine       What do we believe?

► Do you believe the Bible is the Word of God?


Yes. And yes, this is a short answer, but the answer pervades our entire lives. Think about it.

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The Leadership       Who is in charge?

► About the Teaching Pastor


Alan Ambrose

Follower, Husband, Father, Friend, Pastor

While following Jesus Christ for many years I've been an MMA enthusiast, a lover of music, jack-of-all-trades, lover and friend to my wife and children.

My wife Penny and I have shared life for many, many years and God has blessed us with two marvelous children.

Life has been very satisfying because of my walk with Jesus Christ and that is the one central element to contentment that I want to share with others.

Email: Steve

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