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5 weeks, Practical Christian Living

The book of James

Beginning this Sunday at 6 PM, James Chapter one. We'll start with a light meal, than you'll study James, we'll discuss what we've learned and how to apply it and at 7:30 we'll go home and live it. (hopefully).

Our sermons for this week and through September will also be based out of James. This week's message is "Here comes Trouble". Based on James 1:1-8.

5 Weeks, 5 studies, 5 sermons. "James"

If you have kids and want to come, let us know and we'll have child care.

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5 weeks, James Bible study Book of James

5 weeks, James Bible study

Book of James

5 weeks , 5 chapters, the book of James Bible study. This isn't one of those studies where one person does all the studying and talking. We'll have a light meal, Hot dogs this week with all the fixins. (That's right, I said fixins) We'll give you the basics for a chapter Bible study and you'll investigate, than we'll talk about you we can do with what we learn. After all, James says "to be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only." We will finish at 7:30 sharp. I promise. Let me know if you plan on attending. Invite someone.


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Jesus Parables Earthly Stories with Heavenly meanings

Jesus Parables

Earthly Stories with Heavenly meanings

Everybody loves a good story. Jesus liked to tell stories. Join us for the next 6 Sundays as we examine the deeper meanings behind the earthly stories Jesus told. May 21st through June 25th at 10:30 am.

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